Safety Promotion in Action

Europeisk konferanse i Amsterdam. Frist for å sende abstract 15. mai 2017

Safety Promotion in Action

21. september 2017, 11:00 - 22. september 2017, 15:00

Safety Promotion in Action - 4th European Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion

Amsterdam, 21-22 September 2017


Skadeforebyggende forum har vært aktiv medlem i EuroSafe i mange år og er en av organisasjonene som deltar i planleggingen av konferansen. VeiligheidNL (Consumer Safety Institute) i Nederland er lokalt vertskap for årets konferanse. 

The Conference builds on the many European Injury Prevention Conferences that we have successfully organised over the past decades. This year the main theme of the Conference is: “Safety Promotion in Action”.

The Conference will be held in the prestigious Industria building, owned by the Royal Industrial Club, and in the heart of Amsterdam.

The Conference will demonstrate good practice in injury research and prevention and address a wide range of key topics such as child safety, leisure safety, safety for older people and safety of vulnerable road users. It will also address cross-cutting issues such as: translating research into practice and policy; injury related socio-economic inequities; health promotion in ageing societies; and technological developments.

The Conference will bring together a wide range of professionals, including decision makers in local, regional and national governments, researchers and professionals working in private businesses, e.g. in product design, manufacturing and services, or in health, care and welfare services.

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