The Statues were last updated and revised at the AGM, april 2010.

§ 1 Name and objective

The Norwegian Safety Forum is a member organisation, an independent, national contact and co-operative body.

The objective is to improve and develop injury prevention work, reduce the risk of injury and accidents that can lead to personal injury and death, and delimit the ramifications of serious accidents.
The official English name of Skadeforebyggende forum is the Norwegian Safety Forum.

§ 2 Activities

The Norwegian Safety forum is to encourage increased interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral collaboration between volunteers, the public sector and industry through:

  • The establishment of meeting places for partners working with injury prevention
  • The dissemination of knowledge about injuries and accidents 
  • Monitoring injury development and serving as an impetus for information work and improvement
  • Motivational work, proposing the initiation of projects and collaborative measures, research and development 
  • Participation in Nordic and international injury prevention organisations and contributing to increased international contact and the exchange of experiences

§ 3 Organisation

The Norwegian Safety Forum is a non-profit organisation with three main bodies: the annual meeting, board of directors and administration.

§ 4 Members

Public authorities, organisations and private enterprises that carry out injury prevention work can be members of the Norwegian Safety Forum. The membership fee is fixed by the annual meeting.

The secretariat makes decisions in consultation with the board regarding membership. Enrolment and withdrawal are to take place in writing.

§ 5 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is held each year by the end of April.

The board sends a summons to the annual meeting with at least two months’ notice. Proposals for amendments to the articles of association, nominations to the electoral committee and other matters that members wish to have addressed by the annual meeting must be received by the board / electoral committee six weeks before the annual meeting.

A final summons with case documents is to be sent out /made available at the latest one week before the annual meeting.

The annual meeting is to:
a. Approve the annual report and financial statements
b. Approve objectives and measures plans and the budget.
c. Elect a chairperson of the board, board and deputy board members for a two-year term of office.
d. Elect an electoral committee of three members
e. Choose an auditor for one year
f. Address submitted proposals

§ 6 Electoral committee

The electoral committee is made up of a committee head and two members. At the latest four weeks before the annual meeting the electoral committee is to submit a written proposal to the board. Candidate proposals are to have been received by the electoral committee at the latest six weeks before the annual meeting.

§ 7 Extraordinary annual meeting

An extraordinary annual meeting is convened with a minimum two weeks’ notice when the board, or a minimum of 1/3 of the members so determines. Only matters listed on the summons can be addressed in the extraordinary annual meeting.

§ 8 The Board

The board is made up of one chairperson, one vice chairperson and four other members, and three deputy members. As a whole the members of the board are to represent different sectors and professional communities within the field of injury prevention. The term of office for all board and deputy board members is two years; half of the board is up for election every year. The board itself elects its vice chairperson.
Should a member in the course of the term of office leave the position/organisation providing the basis for their seat on the board, the organisation in question can appoint a new representative for the remainder of the term of office.
The board holds regular meetings, at least four times a year. The board has decision-making authority when at least three of the board’s members, including the chairperson and/or vice chairperson, are present. Decisions are passed by a common majority. In the event of a voting tie, the vote of the chairperson of the board shall be decisive.

The board shall
• Lead and develop the activities of the Norwegian Safety Forum
• Submit a report of activities and accounts, and objectives and measures plans with a budget proposal to the annual meeting
• Hire the head of the secretariat and produce job descriptions.

The board can choose to form councils and committees, and delegate cases to the working committee.

§ 9 Working committee

The working committee is made up of the chairperson of the board, vice chairperson, and head of the secretariat. The working committee meets as required.
§ 10 The Administration

The administration is the board’s executive body and is headed by a general manager. The general manager is responsible for hiring and contracting conditions for all employees.

§ 11 Economy

The Norwegian Safety Forum’s economy is based on collaborative agreements, appropriations and funding from private and public partners, and the membership fee.

§12 Accounting and audits

The accounts are to be prepared in accordance with prevailing legislation. The accounts are to be verified by a licensed auditor.

§ 13 Ethical guidelines

The Norwegian Safety Forum shall in all of its activities both within the organisation and externally adhere to high ethical requirements for autonomy, comply with fundamental democratic values and promote respect for the life and health, dignity and integrity of the individual.

§ 14 Dissolution of the Norwegian Safety Forum

A proposal for the dissolution of the Norwegian Safety Forum can only be addressed by the annual meeting following a recommendation by the board.

For approval of a dissolution, a 4/5 majority is required. Voting is by paper ballot.

In the event of dissolution, the funds of the organisation, pursuant to approval by the annual meeting, will go to another non-profit organisation working for safety in society. The annual meeting determines by a common majority which organisation is to receive the organisation’s funds. The Norwegian Safety Forum’s archives are to be offered to the National Archives of Norway (Riksarkivet).