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The Norwegian Safety Forum is a national advocate for safety awareness and a catalyst for intervention, connecting key stakeholders from private business, public sector and non-governmental organisations.

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The role of the NSF is to support government, business and the communities to develop and promote safety strategies to minimize the impact of unintentional injuries. A non-profit, membership organisation, the Forum is financially supported jointly by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services and Finance Norway, the industry organisation for the financial industry in Norway. The NSF was initiated by the insurance companies in 1985.

The NSF is an independent, non-governmental organisation, governed by a Board elected by the forum’s 80 membership organisations. The members constitute a nationwide network, and harbour a wide range of experience in the field of injury prevention and safety promotion.

Today, the NSF is a recognised partner in safety advocacy, acting both as a think-tank and an activist. It is also a well-established meeting place, and a provider of public information and an initiator of awareness campaigns.

Councils and lines of action

The NSF has established four council groups that focus on different target groups and safety topics: Prevention of drowning; Children’s safety; Senior safety; and Safe Communities. All groups are part of international networks, including:

  • EuroSafe
  • European Child Safety Alliance
  • ESCON European Safe Community Network
  • International Safe Community Network

Cross sector programs

The NSF promotes cooperation between private business, public sector and non-governmental organisations, supporting action through interaction and cooperation, and reaching a wide range of stakeholders.

The forum strongly supports the idea of forming cross sector safety promotion-programs on all levels and fields of society; in the local community, in the counties as well as on a national level; as well as sharing experience and knowledge through international contacts and networks.

The forum also focuses on the need for further knowledge of accidents, injuries and their causes, including statistics and research, to ensure that future safety strategies are based on knowledge and give the desired effect.

Eva Jakobson Vaagland is Managing Director of the Norwegian Safety Forum, which is headquartered in Oslo.

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The Norwegian Safety Forum has close to 80 members in all; public institutions, non-governemental organisations, research- and educational institutions, insurance companies and businesses. There are no personal memberships...


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