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Norwegian Safety Forum

The Norwegian Safety Forum is designed to provide information on all aspects of injuries and safety, and to promote co-operation between business, public sector and non-governmental organizations.

It is a well established meeting place, with 80 membership organizations, stakeholders with a wide range of experience in the field of injury prevention and safety promotion. 

The forum, established in 1985, is supported byThe Ministry of Health and the Finance Norway (where all the major insurance companies are stakeholders).

Four councils – four lines of action

The Forum has established four council groups that focus on different themes and target groups: prevention of drowning, children’s safety, senior safety and Safe Communities.  All groups have International networks and contacts.


Five goals are set for the 2009 – 2014-period:

  • Strengthen the forums role as a meeting place for old and new partners.
  • Further increase the forum’ role as a source of knowledge and information and develop new channels of communication.
  • Motivate partners, collaborating groups and institutions to further develop safety promotion programs, injury prevention efforts and plans for research.
  • Promote and visualize the organization to specially selected target groups
  • Focus on Safe Communities, spread knowledge of the movement and work for expanding the national network of Safe Communities.

Cross sector programs

The Forum promotes cooperation between private and public sector and non-governmental organizations. Cooperation makes us stronger, and the committed accomplishment from non-governmental organizations is of vital importance. It makes it possible to reach new groups and to integrate safety promotion and injury prevention in everyday activities.

The Forum strongly supports the idea of forming cross sector Safety Promotion-programs on all level of society; in the local community, in the counties as well as on a National Level.

The Forum also focuses on the need of knowledge and the importance of sound data bases on accidents and injuries and updated statistics, as well as research on methodology so that future plans of action can be based on knowledge of the present situation and knowledge about what activities incitements that gives the best results.

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